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Out before he made them, or else were never, and could never, be carried out at all. The marshals and generals who were closer to the scene of action, but, like Napoleon, not actually taking part in it, and only at intervals riding within bullet range, made their plans without asking Napoleon, and gave their orders from where and in what direction to fire, and where the cavalry were to gallop and the infantry to run.

But even their orders, like Napoleon's, were but rarely, and to a slight extent, carried out. For the most part what happened was the opposite of what they commanded to be done. The soldiers ordered to advance found themselves door phone under grapeshot fire, and ran back. The soldiers commanded to stand still in one place seeing the Russians appear suddenly before them, either ran away or rushed upon them; and the cavalry unbidden galloped in after the flying Russians.

In this way two cavalry regiments galloped across the Semyonovskoye hollow, and as soon as they reached the top of the hill, turned and galloped headlong back again. The infantry, in the same way, moved sometimes in the direction opposite to that in which they were commanded to move. All decisions as to when and where to move the cannons, when to send infantry to fire, when to send cavalry to trample down

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