Video Door Bell Into Two Parts

7. srpna 2013 v 6:03
MA Hong-jun thorns spikes around the body to enter a range of flame, immediately reduced to ashes. However. After all, this is a millennium soul ring of the technology, or the opponent's fourth soul of technology. While still on the property MA Hong-jun restraint opponent, but unlike the previous few people have been restrained so much. Thus, although he filtered spikes and spikes on the ground burning. But spikes but less impact on the ground fell on him. If you just fired several or dozens of pieces of fat may not be what it feels like. But they were the thousands of spikes. Road will not pain, but continuously came to itch but more uncomfortable. MA Hong-jun has been completely outraged, do not retain their soul force, Fung Wing Tianxiang full speed, toward down. H, Ma Hong-jun's body heavy hit in front of his opponent on the ground. Fourth soul technology launch. MA Hong-jun Phoenix Xiaotian fourth hit the soul of technology originally belong flac skills. The biggest drawback is that the opponent can dodge, can not be locked. But funny is the red inflammation of thorns plant college division of the soul at the outset in the arena of thorns planted forests, of course, his purpose is to limit MA Hong-jun. At this point video door phone it may also become a limiting their fetters.

Bang, the moment of landing MA Hong-jun, Phoenix whistled across the shock has hit the outbreak, twisted thorns surrounding air instantly destroy all forests, in that twisted among the thorns red inflammation soul of the division of the body there is no suspense of being caught in a vertigo. Fat, mercy. Audience, video door phone intercom, Dai Bai Mu seeing a few people whistled across the sky hit the fat of the Phoenix launch, quickly shouted out loud. Phoenix shot whistled across the sky is divided into two parts, the first part is the flip limit, and the second part is the terror of the Phoenix magma red, once completed this second part, has been completely into a stalemate of red inflammation thorns soul division certain death. Shrek seven strange as the most powerful attack in the explosive soul of technology, Phoenix whistled across the sky hit even five, sixty of the soul of the division was rushed in the front will be hit hard. Moreover, opponents just forty only. Shrek college crowd concerns vain, MA Hong-jun although extremely uncomfortable body itch so video door systems. Tianxiang instantly turned to the maximum extent.


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