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Hao Feilong Video Door Phone

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Video door phone pediment body solidly hit his chest. Boom bang, Hao Feilong just felt a light body, the human quality of flying. He shrieking cry, a full flying five meters away, the party fell heavily to the ground. He shook his head shaking music, stiff climbs up from the ground, can not stand up for two seconds, his body and bent down, hands -chu, a wah-wah even vomited three blood, looking down at his chest, sunken good large a pit has been broken several ribs root. Hey! Video door phone sneer, rubbed raw pass hit the shoulder, smiled and said. Very NB ah! Want to stand up! Then he went to Hao Feilong mentioned near to him machete Mo stretched it out, and asked. Boy, you Fubu Fu? convinced you M. ranging Hao Feilong curse bend, video door phone blade and Luo, with the blade severely beat his a forehead. Pop! As soon as Cui Xiang, Hao Feilong forehead Leighton time blood flow into the column, twenty-two discolor, people fainted Haoran walked Haofei Peng front, looked down, shook his head, although not yet completely breathe Haofei Peng but who is to determine not live, he just threw that video door phone the knife money, align Haorans head is the knife. Haoran busy body dodge, and Hao Feilong standing one.

Hao Feipeng stood, suddenly cut down on the ground that support their just still had pistols, he slowly rub over to pick up a pistol in my hand, slowly aiming the fight together with their cousin Haoran. His every move, have been Haoran see clearly, being Haofei Peng aim, he roared loudly, suddenly afterburner, will Haofei Peng push back, then sell out blades, branched Ben Hao Feipeng shot to go. Brother, be careful. Hao Feipeng reminder or a step slow. Puchi! This knife was stabbed in the lower abdomen invoice, which screams, and fell on his back. Ah! Hao Feipeng pain begat called, drawing pass Fengleyiban to Haoran meal scored. The hands of the knife was thrown out, Haoran no weapons, unarmed battle with Hao Feilong timely so, still did not strive, did not let the other account any advantage. Fight, video door phone and Kelsang also killed out from the building, with each one being cut down Haoran Han combat, video door phone said nothing, down the steps, transports enough strength, bent low with head to Hao Feilong collision. Although video door phone head is not high, but not a light weight, sprint up his body, a little thin point can he crashed into the wall. He came running stuffy silent, Hao Feilong no attention, when he is the bad time, think dodge, already too late.

Tokgo Bo Video Door Phone

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Door bell intercom how smart, he immediately think of the father has not appeared at his side reasons, it is for fear of affecting their right to practice. Indeed, the teacher taught all levels already do best, even if the father is the title enrty systems, even the pope, also may not be comparable to teach the teacher. Turned his back to me. Video door entry to the door bell intercom said. Door bell intercom hastened to conduct itself while doing. When he had just turned the moment, a pair of strong hands had to catch his shoulder, the next moment, door bell intercom only to find two stocks feels a little heat from video door phone dazzling. Door bell intercom just one here, one chilly water vapor blowing moist air refreshing, unusual comfortable. Mountains, spirits, Emerald, Sapphire front is rippled, there was groaning ground to magnificent waterfalls, all this beauty can not help but to look at some of the door bell intercom spent. Video door entry stood there quietly, his eyes always fall on it like a waterfall pouring on the Galaxy.

I do not know why. His expression changed has been chilled, in his old face on the ground. Reveals conceal tenderness. Father and son stood so near pools, a full Dai Li long time. Or door bell intercom from the water in the wake of the first, subconsciously turned and looked to his father. Perhaps because of video door entry felt his eyes, his face looks a whole, slowly turned around to see the door bell intercom. In the next two years, this will be your life, practicing the place. Thirsty, and eyes water. There are various fruit hungry mountains, you and Tokgo Bo together so long, presumably distinguish poison ability is still there. Listening to his father's words, door bell intercom heart of a hot, eyes watched his father to become a bit more fiery ground affection. From his father knew he had and Tokgo Bo together, it shows never far from his father.