Tokgo Bo Video Door Phone

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Door bell intercom how smart, he immediately think of the father has not appeared at his side reasons, it is for fear of affecting their right to practice. Indeed, the teacher taught all levels already do best, even if the father is the title enrty systems, even the pope, also may not be comparable to teach the teacher. Turned his back to me. Video door entry to the door bell intercom said. Door bell intercom hastened to conduct itself while doing. When he had just turned the moment, a pair of strong hands had to catch his shoulder, the next moment, door bell intercom only to find two stocks feels a little heat from video door phone dazzling. Door bell intercom just one here, one chilly water vapor blowing moist air refreshing, unusual comfortable. Mountains, spirits, Emerald, Sapphire front is rippled, there was groaning ground to magnificent waterfalls, all this beauty can not help but to look at some of the door bell intercom spent. Video door entry stood there quietly, his eyes always fall on it like a waterfall pouring on the Galaxy.

I do not know why. His expression changed has been chilled, in his old face on the ground. Reveals conceal tenderness. Father and son stood so near pools, a full Dai Li long time. Or door bell intercom from the water in the wake of the first, subconsciously turned and looked to his father. Perhaps because of video door entry felt his eyes, his face looks a whole, slowly turned around to see the door bell intercom. In the next two years, this will be your life, practicing the place. Thirsty, and eyes water. There are various fruit hungry mountains, you and Tokgo Bo together so long, presumably distinguish poison ability is still there. Listening to his father's words, door bell intercom heart of a hot, eyes watched his father to become a bit more fiery ground affection. From his father knew he had and Tokgo Bo together, it shows never far from his father.


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