Guan Feng Wireless Door Bell

23. prosince 2013 v 2:02
Feng took off, continue to the room bursts. A long while, there were no movement, Guan Feng took a deep breath, waiting to see the probe again, I saw, sitting on a black chair Han, are looking for bullets. His mouth a pick, laughed, suddenly, he roared out loud, jump and rushed out. To that black characters near to, he put the leg kick, kick each other in the chest, the man screaming, both man and the chair fell on his back. Black characters lying on the ground, although the gun has no bullets, but not to give up, picked up in the hands of the rifle, severely hit off the front of the ankle. He MA you killed! Guan Feng step back, get out of each other's attacks, lifted the gun just to fight back, Video door entry systems came in and shouted out loud. Stop it! How, Tse? Guan Feng full of questions at him. Video door entry systems to a black man lying on the ground crossbow crossbow mouth, said.

He is handicapped! After he did so loudly, Guan Feng This saw the original black man sat in wireless door bell retracted his head, but more a bloodstain on his forehead, and instantly, a bloodshot flow out, he cursed loudly. MA in, get out! He rubbed his forehead with blood, in turn submachine gun stretched out and began blind scan. Da da da! Intensive gunfire rang, lingering echo. Inside the room came the sound of breaking waves, and then, along with the outgoing gunfire. The two sides separated by a wall, expand on the radio. Soon, Guan Feng neutron bomb polish the gun, he looked to a death row men, said. Put your gun to me! That death was overawed off the front of the fierce, the voice of admiration, said nothing, in the hands of AK47 handed over.


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