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The Security Council Door Bell

22. ledna 2014 v 2:00
The original was not a bomb! That's good, then good, huh Luo Mingyi Jiang Yan smile, heart is not a taste. See embarrassed look on his face, Yuan Hua hearts Anshuang. Department of Political Affairs and Security Agency is not related, but the two sectors has been infighting, last, door bell intercom detained Intelligence Bureau, Yuan Hua still brooding on the matter, that the Security Council did not put himself and Political Department eyes, his face tired also. Now, see the Security Council a fool, of course, the joy of his heart, it just does not show it clearly, he told the crowd waved around the political department, said.

Terrorists have been killed, bombs have been dismantled, comrades here have handled Safety Authority, you do not need us to help assisted. Then he wanted to Luo Mingyi smiled and said. Luoxiong, I will leave, to go back to have to think about, to the center of how to write the report. Luo Mingyi heard, hearts and more bitter, absently said. Yuanxiong walking! Yuan Hua Earthen out with doorbell surprised Luo Mingyi, Yuan Hua is happy and proud, proud seemed indifferent said. Luoxiong, we are too fuss, no bombs, just a normal bomb it. In addition, five terrorists have been killed by the Thunder team, please also explain the matter to the Central Luoxiong reason, and disarm the alarm! Luo Mingyi heard a burst of red face, a burst of white, it is truly ugly. Yuan Hua tone is good, but there are mean innuendo, irony NSA intelligence is wrong, causing the entire central panic.

Womens Air Max Anger from Granville

18. ledna 2014 v 3:46
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